Toronto-based Bespoke Fashion Designer & Visual Artist


"No repeats means no one else will ever have your look."

Cassandra Moy is a self-taught designer and seamstress. Her belief is in buying less, buying better, and moving away from fast-fashion. She collaborates with clients to create goods and garments catered to their personal styles and occasions. Her work is about crafting something beautiful, unique, and catered to the individual;  custom made pieces for those who are in search of something made only for them.

Each piece is made of quality materials that have been specifically sourced to fit the client it was made for. Pieces are never replicated. There can be several variations of an item, but distinctions in details and finishes will guarantee an item unique to itself.  

As a graduate of OCAD's Drawing and Painting program, Cassandra's attraction to colours and textures is highlighted in all of her works.  

Cassandra warmly welcomes project ideas and collaborations of all kinds!