What is the process of having something custom-made, and how much does it cost?


We get together to discuss all of the details about the piece(s) you would like to have made.  Any images or pieces of inspiration can be collected to go through together during this time.



Following consultations, a design proposal will be drawn up.  Design proposals can range from $200-300+, depending on the number of revisions and complexity of designs.  Proposals will include quotes, sketches, and material options. 


STEP 3: PRODUCTION - $300-600+

Price points for bespoke pieces are as follows:


  • Small Accessories start at $300 +materials

  • Large Accessories start at $600 +materials

How long does it take to have something made?

Timelines for bespoke pieces depend upon the availability of the client, as well as the materials. They can vary from project to project and range anywhere from two to six months from consultation to the finalized product(s).

Rush orders can be accommodated for an additional fee.

Why does it cost so much to have something custom made?

You are investing in a piece that was made entirely for you, that nobody else will ever have.

Every bespoke piece is made using a pattern that has been drafted from scratch based on client’s needs.  Designs and materials are created and sourced based on client parameters.  Each piece is handmade in Toronto with the utmost quality, care, and attention to detail.  

Where are the materials sourced and why are they not included in the cost?

Most materials are sourced locally in Toronto, some online.  Because they are outsourced and can vary drastically from project to project, we can not guarantee pricing.

Why choose bespoke over fast-fashion?

To treat yourself to handcrafted statement pieces that cater to your personal style and occasions, support local women-run businesses, and promote ethically made goods and garments.