Bags Testimonials


“If you want to work with a true fashion artist and visionary, you must work with Cass. Not only will she work together with you to create a quality long-lasting piece, Cass will take into account your specific style and fashion preferences. She will hone in on the smallest details to ensure the piece reflects the personality of the person it’s for, and think far ahead into the utilitarian aspects of the piece. 

I’ve commissioned Cass to work on two major pieces as gifts and she was meticulous from concept to fruition. The first piece was a very customized leather bag that had multiple areas sectioned out for specific use.  The second was a leather iPad case. From the leather to the lining, to the zippers and the buckles, every detail was considered. She will go to great lengths to achieve the look of the piece - even hand sewing through thick leather! The final touch on each of the pieces was the personalization, which had my husband’s name hand painted on the inside - a very detailed and beautiful touch. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Cass, if you’re not only looking for something fashionable, but also something that reflects quality and timelessness. It is a privilege to work together with her and her meticulous talent and skill!”

-Serena S.J.


Cassandra was so great to work with. She was just as excited about my custom bag as I was. I was able to blurt out all my ideas (I swear I told her I wanted a "duffle messenger backpack") and she put together a design for the multi-use bag of my dreams. After she presented me with a sketch, we shopped together for hardware and leather. She built out a 3D mock-up so I would have an idea of size and how the bag would sit on me. She sent so many progress photos and kept me in the loop on everything. When I went to pick it up, I don't think I've ever been more excited for a birthday gift in my life. Thanks so much Cass!  ❤❤

-Ivana S.


"Cassandra was really in tune with what she thought I would be into, in terms of style and colour, when I was searching for a new Messenger bag. She has a great sense of fashion and practicality, and I always get a lot of great comments on the bag she made for me from friends and family! The experience throughout, from ideation to completion, was lots of fun and I've since recommended Cass to many people looking to have something fun, custom, and uniquely made."

-Adam J.


“I was looking for a custom knapsack that transitioned well throughout the day with work requirements, into my evenings and weekends. Cassandra designed me a beautiful black leather bag with a custom sleeve for my lap top, also complete with rose gold finishing touches. The bag also has room for my gym clothes and additional odds and ends I carry with me. To make the bag even more unique and personal, we were able to customize the lining of the bag with a good friend's photography print. Cassandra took great effort to ensure the highest quality and vibrancy for the liner, even taking the time to detail my name inside the bag. The end result is absolutely stunning. A unique, but practical bag that I am routinely stopped and complimented on. I couldn't be happier with the end results - Cassandra took my list of requests and created a truly beautiful product unlike any other I have seen to date. Thanks Cass!”

-Kailey G.